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End Of The School Year Celebration!

 Tips Global Educational Resources believes it takes caring to light up a child’s life. With this in mind, TGER executed a plan to have an end-of-the-year celebration at The Carvery Revival School System and The Saint Paul School. We made a collective effort to send some funds for this activity. Members of the organization collaborated to move forward with this plan. The funds allocated to this project were an enormous success and well recognized as a humanitarian gesture to the school community.

TGER believes our recipients can understand the impact of our commitment. For instance, Tips Global Educational Resources used funds from personal accounts and some periodic fundings from friends and family members, aware of our struggle to fulfill our commitment. We want to continue our end-of-the-year party to our students and the school community. For the above reason, we hope to attract sponsors to join in with some monitoring donations as an inspirational gesture to help these students look forward to an endless fun time at the end of every school year. TGER takes this opportunity to thank those who will take their time to read/review this article.