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Ms. Mary Smith - President

I practiced in the health-care arena for decades with adults. Later on, I worked as an independent behavioral specialist consultant servicing school-aged children for several years. The primary strategies applied during my period of professional duties were to accommodate required resources such as housing, income benefits, educational and medical resources to multi-stressed families. The above experience was the fundamental catalyst that heightened my interest to work with school-aged children in Liberia, West Africa after multiple visits.  Recognizing the current struggles most of the school-aged children face in Liberia, I felt a sense of commitment to extend my services to them.

Ms. Agnes Harrison–Chief Operating Officer

I worked in various metropolitan school districts as a licensed professional special educator for decades. Novels have altered part of my being as I reflect on my journey throughout my life experiences. The exposure to books at an earlier age has encouraged me to create an identity of self-reliance with the ability to converse in many topics without challenges. I express myself through conversations and demonstrations. Ordinarily, I play the character of the facilitator when engaged in conversation with friends, families, and students. What I am now is a symbol of my strength and perseverance to prepare others and to encourage them to become a constructive citizen as I am today. The books I read have an imprint on how I perceive society, diverse cultures, ethnicity, and the interaction with others. These books have a vital path in my life achievements.

Mr. Joseph Warkreh T-Toe- Board Member 

My penchant for charity has always driven my desire to lend a helping hand to the least amongst us. I am the Associate Editor of FunTimes magazine, a Children’s book author, and my goal is to support the fulfillment of TGER’s mission in Liberia, West Africa.