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School Graducation

The School is successful. It is taking many children off the street and giving them a normal childhood. It is resilient. It is overcoming many challenges to provide students with a sound education that will propel them academically. It will change the trajectory of the students’ lives and end the cycle of poverty. As the African proverb says, “ It takes a village to raise a child,” is truly implemented at the School. The School staff works tirelessly with the community to educate the children. Although the Teachers have not been paid their full salary due to funding shortage, they continue to teach and work with the children, even during this COVID pandemic. They have a strong sense of purpose and will continue to teach the children. The School is in dire need of funding to complete the School and the road construction. The School also desperately needs: computers, books, supplies and educational toys. Food and nutritional support is also needed. The children are hungry when they arrive to school. The School feeds the children, but donations and other financial support have been severely and adversely affected by COVID pandemic.

Education provides for future success

The School emphasizes education of girls – Educating women will stop the cycle of poverty